Severna Park United Methodist Church

Winter Relief

February 6 - 13, 2017

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Please prayerfully consider joining us for a portion of the week as we work in mission together to provide for those less fortunate than ourselves.

While at SPUMC, our guests are:

The program also includes hosts from our church who stay at the shelter throughout the evening and night, a nurse on site in the evenings, and a team to set up and break down the shelter at the beginning and end of the week. There are many opportunities for involvement!

Volunteer Descriptions (click on each line below for details)

Evening Host (4:30pm - 10:30pm) - Carolyn Heim, Coordinator

Overnight Host (10:30pm - 6:30am) - Carolyn Heim, Coordinator

Day Host (Sat / Sun 8:00am - 12:30pm and 12:30pm - 4:30pm) - Carolyn Heim, Coordinator
Transportation / Drivers - Reid Reininger, Coordinator

Transportation On-Call Drivers (5-11pm M-F & 7a-11pm Sat-Sun) Various numbers of drivers each day, on-call, shown below for rides to/from local pharmacy, hospital(non-emergency), med clinics, dental appointments, jobs, Light Rail, job interviews; if needed to showers at Community Center and pickup to/from AHOH (Arundel House of Hope) on Sat-Sun.

Set up / Cleanup - Reid Reininger, Coordinator

Setup Crew (Mon/Feb 6, 8am-11am) 4 volunteers. Duties: unload guest cots and baggage from transfer truck; setup fellowship hall & rooms 301 & 302, involving tables, chairs, cots setup, and positioning guest luggage at assigned cot; move/setup lawn furniture from center courtyard to smoking area.

Cleanup Crew (Mon/Feb 13, 7am-11am) 4 volunteers. Duties: load cots & baggage onto transfer truck; take down tables & chairs in fellowship hall & reset furniture in rooms 301 & 302. Move lawn furniture from smoking area back to center courtyard; help move stored items to closet in room 203.

Breakfast Helpers - Katherine Nutile, Coordinator

Help prepare and cleanup for breakfast (breakfast time varies from weekdays to weekend - see signup sheet for daily times)

Lunch Helpers (Weekday Bag Lunches) - Diane Dodson, Coordinator

We need help Monday - Thursday 3:30-4:30 to make sandwiches for the following day. Meet in the choir room.

Bag Lunch Donations - Diane Dodson, Coordinator

Each weekday morning we send guests out with a bag lunch. To go with the sandwich, we need about 200 snack size assorted chips and fruit cups. Please bring all donations to Fellowship Hall by Sunday, Feb 5.

Lunch Helpers (Weekend On-Site) - Pam Biddlecomb, Coordinator

Help prepare and serve lunch in Fellowship Hall on Saturday and Sunday.

Dinner Helpers - Ann Harrison, Coordinator

Several church groups have signed up to coordinate dinners. Please sign up if you are a member of the group, or if you would like to join the group in preparing dinner.

Snack Donations - Sherry Vain-Callahan, Coordinator

Provide snacks and 2-liter bottles of soda for the evenings. In addition, 2 volunteers are needed to replenish supplies on Saturday, February 11th.

Needed donations include:

Please see signup sheet under Sunday, February 5th for quantities needed. All donations should be brought to the church by February 5th.

Activities - Karen Myers, Coordinator

Help with evening activities (Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday) or Sunday afternoon activity.

Laundry Helpers - Cheri Cullen and Lynette Cloughley, Coordinators

During the week February 6 through February 13, 2017 we will once again be hosting 35-45 Men and Woman at our church. During their stay with us we will be offering to assist them with washing their clothes. We are looking for volunteers to help us in this area. There are several ways in which you can help. Please sign up for the area you would like to assist in.

On Tuesday February 7, 2017 the guests will be given the opportunity to leave a bag of clothes at the church to have a volunteer pick up and wash and dry their clothes for them. You can take their laundry to the Laundromat or to your own home to wash and dry the laundry. It is completely up to you. The bags of laundry can be picked up at the church on Tuesday 2/7 evening between the hours of 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm OR on Wednesday morning before 8:30 am. The bags of laundry must be returned back to the church on Wednesday evening February 8th by 4:30 pm (at the latest). Each bag will be marked with the guest's name. You will sign out for the number of bags you would like to take. We are looking for at least-20-25 people to help in this area.

On Saturday February 11, 2017 the guests will be provided transportation to a Laundromat in the Glen Burnie area to wash their own clothes. On this day we are looking for 2 people that would be willing to assist with the distribution of coin (provided by the church) and help in laundry of the towels and wash clothes that they will use during the week for showers.

On Monday February 13, 2017, our guests will depart and we need at least 8-12 people that would be willing to wash the sheets, towels and pillow cases that we provide for our guests. These items remain the property of the church. This is a big task to get everything clean and ready to package up for the following year. If this is an area you can help in we would ask that you pick up a load on Monday February 13, 2017 during church office hours and return it to the church no later than February 19, 2017.

If you are able to help in one or more of these areas, please sign up on the sheet below. The simple task of helping our guest to have clean clothes makes a huge difference in their daily life. Please consider this ministry.

Shoppers (Guest Personal Needs/Wish List Shopping) - Tina Robinson, Coordinator

As we host Winter Relief, we like to supply each guest with a few items they request. If you are willing to either provide one or more of these items, or donate monetarily to support the purchase of these items, please signup below.

On Monday February 6, each guest will be asked to list 2 items they need (typically these are clothing, shoes or other similar needs, sometimes they request backpacks or luggage & most items fall in the $25 to $50 range, although some items like luggage or heavy coats may cost more.

On Tuesday February 7 through Wednesday February 8, we will contact you and assign you an item(s) to purchase (with Gift receipt in case of exchanges) and return to the church NO LATER THAN Friday February 10. WE REALIZE THIS IS A QUICK TURNAROUND!! We will be distributing these items to each guest at the end of the week however, so unfortunately we do not have more time.

Please indicate if you are able to provide: 1) lesser cost item 2)higher cost item or 3) whatever is needed. Monetary donations will also be accepted but due to the challenge of shopping for so many things so quickly, if you are able to supply the item itself that would be very helpful!

Nurses - Bette MacWilliams and Cheryl McNerney, Coordinators

Help care for the medical needs of our guests during the evening hours and on weekends.


Below is the online signup sheet. When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your email address and phone number (in some cases there is additional information requested by the coordinator). Only your name will be public - all other information will be used by the coordinators. You will receive an email reminder seven days ahead of the activity for which you volunteered.

To avoid multiple signups for the same slots, the online signup sheet will not be available between Saturday evening and Monday morning each week. This will allow individuals to volunteer via the hard copy sheets in Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.